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A Full-Service Hair Salon, Here for You

Maeve started freelancing over 10 years ago working at a hair extensions salon in Ponsonby to working full time focusing on extensions. The passion for hair has grown over the years. Her expertise and professionalism in her chosen craft has made her one of the most reputable hair extension specialists in the business. She takes pride in all of her work and works to the clients vision to absolute perfection. She expects nothing but the best for her clientele and this philosophy has extended to the business incorporating full hairdressing services to enable clients to experience a one stop shop for hair. 

“Years ago, I found myself with really thin hair that kept falling out. I found that extensions gave me more confidence so I decided to learn the craft of hair extensions. I applied myself with various methods to see the benefits of each so I knew what methods would suit my hair type. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a job for a customer and seeing the amazing transformation, not only from the outside but also the glow in confidence from the inside. I have worked with many customers who have alopecia or naturally thin hair and to see the looks on their faces when they get extensions is the reason I continue to apply and improve my craft and the reason I love turning up and working every day.”


Our Founding Principles

High class service and quality products are paramount to us at Andrew Mae. Being in the industry for the last decade, our passion for hair extensions never ceases. We strive to always be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to new methods and hair types. We continuously research to bring you the best cuticle remy and double drawn human hair extensions at the best possible prices. You can shop with full confidence knowing that if it is not what we say it is, you will get your money back, guaranteed.

Being the specialists in hair extensions, we offer many different types, both temporary and permanent so there's always a solution to meet your needs. Each method of extensions has its pros and cons and its a matter of knowing and selecting the right method that suits your budget, lifestyle and hair condition.


We understand that permanent hair extensions can be a long term commitment, therefore we recommend you take advantage of our free consultation under no obligation to be fully informed. With our permanent extensions, the hair can be straightened, curled, coloured, bleached, and styled. Given the same method of extensions, the way we apply them will vary depending on the hair condition, length, style, and how you wear it.​

We are passionate about sustainability and reducing our salon footprint. We want to make the customer feel like when they get their hair done, they are contributing to reducing salon footprint, so they look good, feel good and do good when getting their hair done at Andrew Mae. 

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Our Founding Principles
Foggy Forest


All aluminium, foil colour tubes, cardboard, paper magazines, razor blades, unwanted tools and select disposables are  recycled. We are always looking at ways to reduce our salon footprint. Select disposable hygiene products used during treatments are pulled apart and the materials are sent for repurposing. Plastic packaging is sent to specialist local plastic recyclers where it's cleaned and made into outdoor furniture, landscape supplies and new product packaging, keeping it in circulation and out of our oceans! 


 We send ponytails to charitable organisations such as Variety the Children's Charity to be made into charitable wigs or to fund life-changing programs. We want to provide a cost-effective alternative to hair transplants for patients with alopecia, cancer and everyday hair loss. 

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No Waste

We donate to charities and give back to people with hair loss by donating long hair that has been cut to be made into wigs and weaves for those suffering from cancer, alopecia, and other medical conditions. 

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