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A luxurious conditioner that restores hydration, health and shine to hair.


Discover the supermodel secret to gorgeous, bouncy, healthy hair with ILES FORMULA Haute Performance Conditioner. Developed by renowned session stylist Wendy Iles, this luxurious conditioner has been the fashion industry’s best kept secret for silky, soft and hydrated hair.


Why Will I Love ILES FORMULA Haute Performance Conditioner?

  • Repairing and hydrating conditioner 
  • Restores softness, shine and bounce to hair 
  • Ideal for all hair types, especially damaged 
  • Targets dullness, frizz and rough texture 
  • Colour-safe 
  • Easily detangles 
  • White floral fragrance
  • Low-silicone formula 
  • Paraben-free
  • 200ml


Suitable for all hair types and textures, this conditioner has been said to turn straw into silk. Even very damaged hair is restored and revitalised, with dullness, frizz and rough texture all transformed into supple, shiny strands. Hair immediately feels smooth and silky, and knots and tangles easily slide away. Infused with silk proteins, the hair is left full of volume, bounce and softness.


Tropical plant extracts and butters add hydration, while helping to protect the hair against damaging free radicals. Delicately perfumed with white florals, ILES FORMULA Haute Performance Conditioner will enhance your hair care experience from beginning to end.


How Do I Use ILES FORMULA Haute Performance Conditioner?

After shampooing with ILES FORMULA Shampoo, squeeze excess water from the hair.

Apply conditioner evenly to hair, and distribute throughout lengths and ends with a wide-tooth comb or brush designed for use on wet hair.

Leave in for at least one minute.

Rinse hair.

For very dry or long hair, you can leave some product on the ends for additional hydration and nourishment.


For best results, allow up to 2 weeks for your hair to get used to ILES FORMULA shampoo and conditioner.

Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner 200ml

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