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Our entry level human hair clip-in range comes in 6 pieces for your convenience: 2 clips x4, 3 clips x1 and 4 clips x1Ready to wear for an occasion, our 16" and 20" comes in 100grams and 110grams whereas 24" comes in 140grams.Clip-ins are best for adding instant thickness and length and can transform you in a matter of minutes. However, we recommend that you don't use them more than once a week as they can cause hair damage due to incorrect application e.g. clips hang onto little natural hair and put too much tension on the scalp and hair as a result. If you find that you like the look of them and want them in more frequently, please consult us for better semi permanent method such as: micro-weave, tapes, micro-ring, keratin bond or micro-tape extensions.



When it comes to choosing the closest match to your hair colour, bear in mind that extensions will be hidden underneath your natural hair.  To make it match nicely, you will need it to be approximately 75% colour match.  It doesn't need to be 100% as hair colour looks different in different lightings.  For instance, the ends of the hair is always lighter than the top.  If that's the case, match extensions with the ends of the hair instead of the top crown area.  That way you can achieve subtle balayage look and still is natural.

Remember, if you wear it confidently, then you own it. 


16" $160

20" $230

24" $310


Care and Maintenence: 

Extensions need correct care and maintenance for them to last longer.  They need to be brushed, shampooed, conditioned and oiled regularly.  Every now and then, they need to be treated with hair mask.  The longer you leave it in the better then rinse off and dry.  They will shed and break off as part of wear and tear, particularly for light colours.  

We recommend Tangle teezer brush,  sulfete and paraben free hair care products.  Wella fusion hair mask is amazing on extensions.  When it comes to heat, please use either mild or medium heat after applying heat protectant product. 


Colour List:

Black #1

Darkest Brown #1B

Medium Brown #2

Light Brown #4

Ash Brown #5

Lightest Blonde #60

Natural Ash Blonde #18/22

Natural Medium Blonde #613/10

Medium Golden Blonde #10/24

Light Golden Blonde #14/24

Dark Golden Blonde #10/14/16

Dark Blonde Copper #5/24

Light Ash Strawberry Blonde #10/26


Colour is indicative only. 


Rush Clip-In Hair Extensions

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